Team Coaching

Diversity, Inclusion, Communication

Who is team coaching for?
You may be a manager with no management experience. Often this happens when we are good at something, and all of a sudden, people ask us to lead instead of doing the thing we were good at.
You may have a managers that are not managing the way you need, or you feel they are not doing their job. Not uncommon, but with some simple skills, you can help that manager to give you what you need and make the work environment even better.
Team coaching is really all about how to lead your self to the life you want and support those around you to help get you there.
Take advantage of an inquiry session to find out the best way to move forward. are teams all about? ImagineFocus works with groups of individuals or an individual to strengthen the whole team. It is about leadership and being part of a whole, creating alignment within your organization and supporting those that are giving to make that organization thrive. Each one of us wants to make a difference, and through a team coaching session, you can learn the best way for you to step in and lead your teams to the desired outcome. Whether you are reporting to someone, working with colleges, or leading the team, this is a conversation that can support you to get where you want to go.
As the saying goes, individuals can function in a team by leading, following, or getting out of the way. ImagineFocus takes a different approach; we look at team coaching from a holistic point of view. Because teams are about diversity, inclusion, and communication, we support the individual, team, and company from within the team.
We have all heard that we need diversity on our teams. What does that mean? If we look at the dictionary definition 'the state of being diverse, variety,' does this not mean we are all diverse? Have you noticed that there are not the same two people on the planet? Therefore, to create diversity on a team, we must celebrate everyone's differences as gifts. Some managers can be focused only on capabilities, such as project management or budgeting. These are only a couple of ways of choosing a team, and it is no more right than saying we need one man and one woman, or we need one person with brown hair and one with blond. But it does not create a holistic team.
Inclusion is effortless to explain. Haven't we all had an experience when we have been excluded and know-how that feels? We have all been on teams in the past where you would like to step into a role, but no one will let you because you don't have the experience. How do you get the experience if you aren't allowed to try? I invite you to Have a look at your team and see who could be paired together, and in that pairing, strengthen your organization. Sometimes when forming a team or evaluating an existing team, we have to ask, how do we build the capabilities of the whole team?
Communication, what does it mean? What control do you have over communication? In any conversation, you only have control over what you are saying. If someone is explaining something that you don't understand, you can stay quiet and continue not to understand; in some instances, you may even get mad at others because you don't understand. However, there are other options; you can inquire, you can ask for clarity; you can use your ability to communicate to make the conversation better.

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