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At this time in the world, imaginefocus is under reorganization.  Here you will find all the coaches we have available as we acquire more coaches to serve the needs of our clients.  In the meantime, please look at my page, and let's get to know each other. 

Randel Wright

Sometimes in life, all we need is a different perspective or someone to help us see what we already know. Coaching can do this. When I started this journey over 20 years ago, I knew I wanted something different from the world I had been raised in, but I had no idea what. Through numerous sources of research, seminars, and education, I have moved to a place where I can now be of service to others.
Partnering with me, you can uncover your life's purpose and have the support to make your dreams a reality!

Randel's Page

Lisa Stinson

Will be joining our time very soon.  Check back soon to hear all about here.

Coming Soon

Mentor Kathleen

Kathleen is a retired family law lawyer with a Collaborative Law background. She mentors women who seek congruence in their lives. She specializes in working with women who are going through a massive shift in their lives - whether through divorce after a long marriage, a death of a spouse or a radical life shift.

Her Mantra - Just. Be. You. 

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More Coaches Coming Soon

Here at Imaginefocus, we are committed to offering the best coaches in the industry.

The Coaches we Look for

We are committed to searching out coaches that are continually learning and have differing coaching background. First and foremost is their commitment to high-level coaching. All coaches that you find here will be suited to support you from a judgement and advice free place. Please check back often and see who is new here.

Allow yourself to fully understand ImagineFocus coaching and meet your desired coach.

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If you are still unsure if coaching might be right for you.  Come join us for a conversation about what coaching is and is not.  This is a live event were you can ask and listen to all the questions people just like you have around coaching.








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