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Personal awareness is being able to notice all the things happening to you. It is a state in which everything you do empowers you and the ones around you; you are able to choose how you react in any situation.

Mindfulness is a state of being. As you think of being mindful, it is really about presence. Presence is where we are, right in this moment. What is the power of mindfulness for you?

Here at ImagineFocus, we believe that once we are able to be present in every moment, we can add choice to our lives. It lets us live intentionally. In any situation, we have an experience and our response to that experience.

Think of a time when you were a child, out in a meadow picking dandelions, with the sun shining down, not a care in the world, everything at peace; all your decisions were simple. We often refer to this as the time we want back.

Our coaches would like to offer you this state once again in your adult life. By allowing ourselves time and space to regain our personal being, we allow ourselves to go for our passions and dreams. One of the greatest inner feelings a human can have is having our deepest values meet with positive choices we make.

Being personally aware, you can have a great understanding of who you are and with this comes the ability to see how you are personally unique and a separate individual.

Einstein said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I would ask, what if the reaction was your choice? How would life be if you could choose how to react in any situation? What might be different then?

As you move throughout the world and experience life, when you step into a mindful presence, you are able to choose how you will react.

Self awareness can better help you become and stay motivated, as well as help you manage stress better. Register for your free inquiry today to put yourself on the path to mindfulness and personal awareness.

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