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What is coaching? All coaching is personal, but here we are one on one, and there is no theme to the coaching. Have you struggled with identifying what is essential in your life? Do you see others getting ahead and building a future you want? Have you a clear idea of where you are and where you want to go but lack the skills or experience to create steps to achieve your dream? You have found the right place. As we work together, you will come with any topic that you are facing. You may be doing good at something and want to make it great. You may be doing great at something and want to make it amazing. Coaching is not all about solving problems; it is also taking your life to the next level.
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ImagineFocus invites you to take advantage of Randel's expertise. Have you struggled with a thought or feeling that you can't get past? Do you want a future filled with joy, and you don't know how to get there? Let me partner with you to find the hidden answers inside. My specialty is changing limiting thoughts into supportive thoughts and finding the way to the future. If you cannot find the answers to your questions or clarify what I offer, please use the button below to support you in moving forward in your life. You could get one hour utterly free with no obligation. One session can take you where you want to go. How much can you accomplish in 60 minutes? Only your imagination limits what you can achieve.

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Single Session

What do we do? We partner together and work in a 45 to 60-minute session focusing on clarity, supporting you through powerful questions and shifts in perspective to clear up your thoughts around what is important to you. We will get to know each other, working on getting you where you need to go. With this session, the possibility is endless.

One Month

Have you longed for change? Have you thought if life were different, I could get the life I want? If you could move past what has always stopped you, what would life be like, and who would benefit from the new you?
Over a month, we will meet four times. In the first session, we will set the theme for the month. We focus our attention on something specific, the change that will catapult you into a new life.
It could be getting better at playing a sport or improving communications at work or home. It might be a project you have been putting off. You are driving this bus, so the possibilities are endless.
In the next three sessions, we will work on getting you to your destinations.
All great reasons for choosing a month of coaching!

Three Months

Wow! What if in three months you could change your life and those around you? If I invited you to imagine anything was possible, what future would you create for your self? What would you take on if you knew you could not fail?
Three months of coaching provides you with cost savings and momentum. Clients have changed their lives and the lives of those around them in as little as three months. Look at these three months as the springboard to better days. Bring topics like changing the culture of life at home, starting a new phase of life like retirement or heading to school in the fall, or making and doing your bucket list.

With 12 sessions, you will create significant momentum and exciting personal change.

This option allows you to get clear on what is essential and create momentum towards your future.

Pricing Options for Coaching

There are many kinds of coaching. Within each of these you will find three options.

Single Session


One time fee

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We can work on a single challenge you are facing.
Gain clarity in your life
See how those around you benefit from your new actions.

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One Month


Save $25.00 off Single Session

You can book using my online scheduler for your convenience

You may tackle a larger project.

Working over four session

Create momentum on your project

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Three Months


Save $200.00 off Single Session

Set the schedule that works for you.

Work through a larger project from start to finish

Create momentum to a positive future

Begin to design the life you want.

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