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About Randel

ImagineFocus offers all our kinds of coaching

Single session, One Month, Three Months.

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ImagineFocus invites you to take advantage of Randel's expertise. If you cannot find the answers to your questions or you would like clarity about what we offer, please use the button below to let us support you in moving forward in your life.

For Clarity

Single Session

This is a 30 to 45 minute session focusing on clarity, supporting you through powerful questions and shifts in perspective to clear up your thoughts around what is important to you. With this session the possibility are endless...

One Month

Do you have a project on the go and need support starting or finishing it?

Do you want to increase your communication at work or with your family?

Do you require an influx of motivation? Do you need to be re-inspired or have your inspiration elevated?

All great reasons for choosing a month of coaching!

Three Months

This is by far the best value and jumping off point to move your life to where you know it can be.

Big or small, you won't believe your accomplishments within three months of coaching. This option allows you to get clear on what is important and create momentum towards your future.


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