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Solution Focused Coaching


Coaching is a partnership, it can truly have no limits on what you are able to achieve. The most remarkable ways to find this high standard of success is to fully allow yourself to be present in a session. Come in and be honest, everything is confidential. And most importantly, be true to who you are.

ImagineFocus Believes

We believe everyone can benefit from coaching. It is a way to get a different view of any situation. Your wildest dreams are closer than you may have thought.


What coaching is...

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We have four unique coaches who have amazing talents for helping every individual in a way that works best for them. Come meet our team today!


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We are a solution-focused company that partners with you. We at ImagineFocus invite you to partner with one of our highly skilled coaches to create the life you deserve.


By being bold you can create anything

As a welcome to our new website, we would like to thank you for visiting by giving you a free article and the chance to win coaching for a month.

By submitting your name and a valid email address, along with answering a small survey, you have the chance to win one of four, one-month coaching packages. These one-month coaching packages consist of three sessions to get your life started. These sessions have a $400.00 value.  

Please consider your answers to the survey carefully, as the ImagineFocus coaching team will be picking the winners based on your answers.

This contest runs until the end of March. Yes, March 30, 2018 is draw date! If you are the the lucky winner, you will be notified by email by April 1, 2018.

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Enter your information below and answer a few questions. That's all you need to do to enter the contest.

As coaches, we bring powerful questions and perspective shift to illuminate your best self.


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ImagineFocus is offering you a free step-by-step look at what is required for making your dreams come true. Just subscribe and you will instantly receive the first  article "Dream Big" with more articles to come. Use these articles to create the life you truly want. You can cancel at any time.

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If you feel coaching is for you, then please take action below and see how your life can change! At the end you will have created actions to move toward a life you can be proud of. By being bold and taking the first step, you can truly have whatever you can dream.

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