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Life is a journey, a beautiful novel, and you can either be the reader or the author of your book called LIFE. Here at ImagineFocus, we want you to realize that you have it within yourself to write your own story! You can be the author and map the plot to your liking.

What would that mean for you? Imagine you had a partner that was able to support you in manifesting your dream into reality. Someone who encouraged your spirit!

Whether we are coaching, consulting, or mentoring, it's always a partnership. You are the author in complete control of your destiny.

Curious about where your life could be if you stopped reading your book, and picked up the pen? 

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Why ImagineFocus?

Imaginefocus Believes

Here at imaginefocus, we believe that the only thing standing between you and your dream, is you. If you think of the most successful people in the world, whether they are athletes, CEOs, movie stars, or politicians. They always have someone in their corner to shift perceptions so they can come up with a creative solution to whatever their obstacles are.

The great thing about coaching is that it's not just for those people! No matter what your goal is a coach can help

Why Choose Us

We are a solution-focused company that partners with you. That means that we don't spend any time dwelling on the past and what didn't work, instead we focus on creatively finding solutions. We hold the firm belief that you are OK as you are and have all the resources within you to make any change that benefits your life.

If you are ready to find out what your life could be with a coach, give us a try.

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In the top toolbar the 'About' button will take you to our working coaches and you can get to know us better. We have varied backgrounds and can work with a wide variety of clients.

You can also look in the store for courses and reading material that will help you get where you need to go at your own pace.

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ImagineFocus believe the only person in your way is you.  By partnering together we will be able to shift perceptions so you can have the life you design for your self.


You are just a click away.  I am offering a one hour free no obligation to continue chance for you to create some clarity in your life.  To begin to move from where you are to where you want to go.  All you will loose is one hour and your could gain a new future.

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Randel has been in business for over 40 years.  He has operated businesses for others, owned his own and mentored others to success.  When you are ready to take your business to the next level or if you are thinking about getting started, the time is now.

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We are always adding new products to help you navigate life easier.  Have a look in the store at the top of the page or send us an email if there is a topic that you would like explained.  If we are not growing and learning we are dying. 

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"Because I searched for understanding, I always had trouble figuring out why people would do things they knew were not good for them. With NLP and loads of reading, I learned better techniques for uncovering a person's journey, and it's improved my life immensely."

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"Randy challenges you to see things with an open mind, to open yourself up to all possibilities even if they seem impossible. I always thought I was a positive person, after attending some of Randy’s courses and some coaching sessions with him he helped me to see where I was holding myself back and then how to turn that around and make changes in my life. Incredible! "

Dalice Hinson

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