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There are three ways to support your company, and each has advantages and disadvantages. You can choose from the three: Mentoring, Consulting or Couching or have a combination of the three in a package. Explore MENTORING here and if they are not right for your situation you can always use the links to explore CONSULTING or COACHING.  What is most important is that you have the modality that is right for your specific situation.


When you find you are struggling with a particular problem that you have already identified, Randel can help you clarify what is happening and create a clear plan for moving over, under, around or through the challenge. There are no problems too big.  As a consultant I can give you real life examples for ways to solve any challenge your business is facing.  I have been in business for over 40 years and have experienced a lot of challenges.

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When you need help clarifying where you are in your business and where you would like to go, a Coach could be right for you. In Coaching, you are driving the bus, and our coaches are along for the ride. We are good at listening to the path you want to take and using accountability and other tools we can keep you on that path. 


What is mentoring all about.

If you wonder what mentoring can do for you and how we might work together, let me share that I support entrepreneurs to start and operate their businesses by providing specific step by step training to establish where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. Have a listen to the video and then book a consultation session.


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There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur online. 

My name is Randel, and I have been a leader all of my life. I want to share a brief business history with you if it is valuable, so you can better understand my expertise. If you would like to know what working together would be like, then skip down to that title. You can also go to my page About Randel that describes more of my journey if you would like to get to know me better.

Looking For Leadership Training for your Middle Managers

I support corporations by facilitating leadership training for all levels of managers and all sizes of teams. This training will improve profitability and functionality through increased efficiency and reducing staff conflicts. I bring Facilitative Coaching to your organization. What is Facilitative Coaching? It is an expandable open frame process where diverse individuals create a synergistic common purpose through collaboration to shape a compelling future. I facilitate collaboration with actionable results. To find out more and how I can help solve your particular challenges, please inquire below.

Review a brief history of my business experience.

I started at age 9 in 1977 with a paper route that, after two years of my looking after it, I was making $200.00 a month working 2 hours a day. Let me put that is perspective; my father, who was a journeyman carpenter, was making $3.25 an hour for a monthly salary of $520 a month working 40 hours a week.

My entrepreneur lifestyle kept going, and between 1985 and 1991, I managed a produce department in a major grocery store, an independent convenience store, and my buy-sell business. Then in 1991, I attended college for my bachelor of arts in business. Immediately upon graduating in 1993, I added a wife. We moved to a remote reservation to set up systems and manage an economic development with a small grocery store, restaurant, and gas bar. While there, they build a motel, and I created systems for its operation.

In 1995 I began to return to my love of scuba diving that started in 1985. I fell into it so hard I went from novice to professional in a couple of years. By 1997 I was an instructor and had left the reservation to pursue a career in diving. I subcontracted my services and continued my education while beginning a commercial diving career; this went on until 2001 when my second child was born, and I opened a dive center of my own—the first of my brick and mortar business.

My wife and I started this dive center with $5000.00, and it consisted of 400 square feet of retail and 600 square feet of rental area. In the next two years, my wife and I build that company and changed locations twice. Anyone who has had to change locations knows the disruption to business this causes. In 2002 we were in a 2000 square foot facility with an indoor pool, dedicated classroom area, equipment repair area, and enough rental equipment to take 30 students to the pool or 20 students to the ocean, with the remainder of the dive center for retail. I had upgraded my instructor status to a point where I could train students from eight years old to instructors. I also increased my education in commercial diving and was taking on more and more of that. Over the five years, I had generated just over .75 million dollars in gross revenues. Remember, I started this all with only $5000.00.

By 2004 my time at the dive center was tailing off, and I had not learned yet about legacy or transition, so with commercial diving taking on more and more of my time, In 2005, I choose to close the dive center and pursue commercial diving full time.

I travelled all over British Columbia, working on a variety of construction diving jobs. I always maintained loyalty to one company, but I worked for others when the opportunity presented itself. In 2009 I had a chance to purchase the company I had been working mainly for since 1997. This company was established and had consistent revenues for the past decade and a half. Once I purchased it by 2012, I had doubled the revenue and increased the amount of equipment. I continued working on this company, and by 2018 I had doubled the revenues again. For a purchase price of one year's net income over the next ten years, I managed over 4 million dollars in gross sales. I provided project management and diving services on projects worth from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars—crew sizes of 3 to 14.

During all of this, in 2014, I took up formal training in coaching. I worked at this alongside the underwater construction and pursued opportunities as they were made available. Since my young childhood, I have been fascinated with why people make one choice over another. As a thought leader, my education has led me here, and I am now beginning to understand how it all works.

Here I am today, where I am in transition to take on more of the human development and less of the underwater construction.

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This is a conversation with an actual mentee.  We are discussing what mentoring has done for her and how mentoring works.


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Apply for an introductory offer of "Pay What You Can" (PWYC) as your business gets off the ground.  This could be pricing between $25 per session and $150 per session.  Let's make you some money so you can afford and see what a mentor can do for you. 

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