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What is and is not Coaching

Where I Started

I started out confused and feeling as though I just didn't fit in. Those around me felt and thought differently than I did and I was curious as to how this could happen. When those around me all shared a similar experience of growing up, how can we all be so different, it sent me on a quest for knowledge and understanding. I know now that each person has a path to follow and they need to discover that path for themselves. As we work together we can uncover that path.

Where I Am

Throughout my entire life I have searched for the meaning and understanding to communicate better and have others understand not just what I am saying but what I am meaning. I am at a place now where I can partner with others effectively to create lasting change. Working with me will let you get really clear on where you are now.

What is My Future?

Looking forward, I know that life is all about learning and that it will never stop. I am fascinated with the way the mind works, for and against us. As we stand in our own way, or in support of our own future, I have learned it is more an internal experience than external. I have created my path of learning and growth. I am curious what yours will be.


What would coaching with me be like?

I am committed to a judgement and advice free zone while coaching; holding everyone as capable of greatness. I think Milton Erickson said it best, "If you can learn to tie your shoes, you can learn anything."  I have many free articles, one in particular is about dreaming your biggest dream; sign up below to get started.

If you are unsure about coaching

Below in Things to Do, find out about what coaching is and is not. You can also take a quiz to find out if you are coachable or find one of my articles.

Don't forget that I am here to support everyone. If you are ready to go, just click the start today button below. Also, know that you can always reach out and I can have a free 30 minute conversation with you to help create clarity around whatever you need.


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