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This program is under review and is set to launch in September of 2024.  If you are interested in more information as it becomes available please sign up for our updates. 


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What kind of parent do you want to be? 

We've put together this three-phase program to increase your awareness and develop your parenting style to craft your family with compassion.

We are ready to launch Phase One! We are searching for motivated parents who want the tools to step out of emotions and into resourcefulness. 

What would it be like if you were able to communicate your thoughts and ideas so they are easily accepted by others? By taking advantage of this opportunity you will be making a positive change for your family. 

If this sounds like you, please join us for the filming creation of Phase One! Complete the assessment below and you could be chosen to participate in the launch!



Phase One - GO at your own pace program! 

Find out what is important to you as an individual, partner, and leader in your family. The only person you can actively change is yourself, this is what "phase one" is all about: Personal Understanding. Once we throughly understanding ourselves and realizing that others view the world differently only than can we begin to lead by example. 

You are not required to have a partner to participate, everyone in your family has access to the program and course materials although only one person can be signed in at a time.

There are 6 sections to be worked through.

Getting to know yourself and how you view the world, so you can understand how others can perceive the world. You cannot parent someone without understanding yourself. Fear is a counselor, not a jailor. Recognition and awareness build in resourcefulness. You need to be comfortable in your own skin making the best decisions so you can facilitate learning together.

Once that’s done we can understand that while I have my own model of the world, everyone else has their own. 


Big Things Are Coming

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Key benefits from this course


If you have ever wanted to get closer to yourself and others, this is the course for you.  

The conversations, hands-on tools, and techniques in this course will improve the entire family connection and increase love and joy in your parenting.  

I believe a relaxed parent is a good parent, and this program will help you get there.

Joy and Love

Through techniques and practice, you will increase the joy and love in your family.  Not just between you and your kids but between your kids and the world.

Tools and Techniques

It is one thing to think, "I want something different," it is another to have the tools and techniques to get there.

Reach out directly

If you were unable to find what you are looking for or need immediate help in your parenting please use the button below to book a session and have a discussion.  I am here to support all those that are seeking to be the best parent they can be.  The first session will cost you your time and all I ask is show up prepared and authentic.  

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