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My name is Ryan Mellings, I am a professional Erickson coach. While on my way to achieving my master's coaching title. Before I started to pursue my current journey I worked in sales. I have created value for all 6 business I have come in contact with, doubling, tripling or even quadrupling profits. A large task I take on for myself is to keep a holistic view of my life. While still creating the clarity/room to think. While understanding what needs to be done to accomplish any task. I have created this for myself through various activities such as; Hiking, Surfing, Rebuilding vintage vehicles, Traveling. Allowing myself to complete these personal tasks allowed me the time to create personal freedom, Peacefulness within my own life, and how to push out the negativity that once held me back and now allowed me to make successful changes in all areas of my life.

Allow yourself the time and space to grow your life into the dream you create, not someone else's.

I am a Business Coach. What a business coach means to me, is someone who is willing to place their views, passion, wants and advice on the side and allow you to come to your own conclusion, while truly exploring your best possible options. Coaching is a wonderful way to prepare yourself for finding the steps and creating the success to, make your dreams become a reality. I truly admire and aspire to work with people who are committed to wanting change in their own life.

My intentions for you during a coaching session is, for you to allow yourself to take future forward steps to achieve your desires. As well to be fully present when in a session. When you allow yourself this, it's amazing how clear the road becomes.My dream is for everyone to become the best version of themselves in all areas they want to purpose.

Ryan's Credentials 

Currently, Ryan has completed the foundations of coaching and is committed to furthering his learning. Ryan has completed 128 required training hours to become an Erickson Professional Coach.

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