Solution Focused Coaching

Thank you for choosing Solution Focused Coaching!

You can choose from three packages:

  1. Single Session: If you want to explore and see how much movement you can get in just one hour, then this is best for you.
  2. One Month:  If you have a project or a goal that you need to get done this month.  Projects can be as simple as cleaning up your workspace or as complicated as establishing better communication with those around you.  There are no rules here, and you can bring whatever is essential to you.  You will receive one session per week for four weeks. These sessions will create accountability and movement toward the goal you have set for your self.    
  3. Three Months: Coaching for this length of time is perfect for someone that has set a goal that they would like to achieve over the next three months.  We will work together to break the goal down into manageable pieces and then tackle each section one at a time.  If you are standing in your way and have tried to achieve this goal many times, this could be the right number of sessions for you to breakthrough.  You will receive on session a week for three months.  A total of 12 sessions.  Creating momentum toward your goal.

If you are still unsure about coaching there is one more option you can try.  By going to the single using the discount code FCC001 you can get your first coaching session free.  Giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether coaching is right for you.  There is no obligation for you to continue and there is no sales pitch in the session.  You have 100% control over whether you continue or not. 

To find out more about Randel and Solution Focused Coaching, click on his name below. If you are ready to get started, choose the option on the right that suits you best and from there you can choose your favourite coach.

Randel Wright