Six Steps For Personal Awareness

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2018

We at ImagineFocus decided to research and pull from our own life experiences to create the six steps to personal awareness.

Allow yourself to become more personally aware today with these six simple steps to create personal awareness inside yourself.  When we become more personally aware of our own lives, we are able to continue to grow as human beings and expand our minds and skill sets.

Six Steps to Personal Awareness

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Business and Family Development

Wow. What a journey. I have been working on coaching for the past three years and in the last month life has really sped up.

I am hoping you have noticed we have changed the whole platform and we have a new look. We have many courses in the works and look forward to bringing new insights and experiences as time goes on.

I thought I would catch you up on me and let everyone know what I am working on. I have a new program called Forging A Dream coming out around the first of March. This is a fabulous program I am really proud of. It has three pieces and will be able to take anyone from starting a business right through to systemizing that business. If you want to talk about it or have a look there is some information on the site and you can always book an appointment to talk about it.

In April we will be bringing a new life skills program for parents. This is all about creating a stronger family bond and supporting you no matter what your family looks like to increase communication...

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